Gema Ramirez
Coach, NLP Master Practitioner

Last year, I went to the Spiti Valley, in the Indian Himalayas to do trekking and complete the NLP Master Practitioner course with Nishith Shah(ithoughtlabs.com)

Little did I know then what I was getting myself in for? Not only was I pushed to my physical limits, I was shown that those limits can be surpassed by the power of one’s mind, by your courage and your determination.

I lost my fear of heights, as I had no choice but to be at the edge of a precipice for 10 days non stopped, either walking, or worse, in car or a bus… death at times felt so close and it also felt ok… I started to trust people. I started to trust myself.

I learnt about the beauty of living a simple life, I learnt that the difference in the value of money and the value of cow’s dung depends on the moment, the place, and the basic necessity.

I learnt that the most valuable people are not those who have read much, collected a few degrees and accomplished many things… but those who do things from the Heart, without another agenda that making your life better.

I learnt that reaching the top of the mountain, or getting my NLP certificate or do a few difficult treks in the worse weather condition with low levels of oxygen and still survive were not the goals. The goal was to save in my memory that moment of total peace, at the top of a mountain, all by myself, recovered from the altitude sickness, tired but excited, surrounded by beauty, by the Himalayan mountains, and me in the middle… and there, in that little moment, I knew true Peace, I knew true Beauty, I knew true Self Love… in that moment I comprehended how little I was and how big I was… and I can go back to that moment anytime I need to. And that is priceless.

Moni Rodriguez

CEO & Founder at Moni Rodriguez

Great lifetime experience. After going to the Nlp Himalayas course I know I can do anything I want. I learned so much about myself, expectations and enjoying the moment. Lie is an adventure.

Faith Hill

Director at Spark Escapes

The trip with​ Thought Labs​ into the Spiti Valley was one of great significance for me. The course/trip has helped me on my journey to set up a nomadic business, spending 8-9 months in Asia a year and the rest at home in the UK. Not only did I push myself physically, I pushed my mind too and learnt many life lessons which have transcended from the highest mountain range in the world to the streets of the city at home, such as owning my own behavior and thoughts and now being able to stretch my abilities a little further than I think I can. ‘We all have the resources within!’