Matthew Garrow-Fisher (Assisting Facilitator)

Hi, I am Matt.

I am an NLP trainer. I first started my NLP journey by training with its co-founder, Richard Bandler, in October 2015. Since then I have trained with several other renowned trainers including co-founder John Grinder, Sue Knight (author of NLP at Work), Master Trainer Tristan Soames and of course Nishith Shah of Thought Labs several times.

I believe that coming out of environments you are used to and comfortable with, and stepping into unfamiliar ones, with experiences designed to challenge you and inspire you, is the best way to unlock your true potential. There have been transformational moments on each NLP training I have been on, and as I reflect back on my life now, these moments have certainly shaped my life now and where I’m at in a hugely positive way.

My struggles in learning NLP and applying it after courses were that after the classroom, many concepts, strategies, and even the process of modelling were neglected until the next course I attended. The courses I’ve attended with Nishith Shah have made me use NLP in real-time and teach it in a way that is useful to myself and others. This magical power is what has excited me to jump into the discipline, and I am more than excited to be assisting Nishith on both his retreats to the Himalayas and the Swiss Alps this year. I hope you can join me and when you do, you will also really reunderstand why I am so excited…..

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