Learning NLP in the Himalayas


Recently, I’ve felt a bit tied to London… I returned from a hefty travel stint nearly a year ago and my feet have been itching to to hit the road again for a while. So when my NLP teacher suggested I go for my Master Practitioner certificate in the Indian Himalayas, I just about bit her hand off; travelling + learning = a winner in my book.

 I met 8 fellow trainees in Delhi for a welcome dinner in mid-June and then we set off the following morning for 3 days of hefty bus rides into the remote Spiti Valley in the Himalayas. Whilst the bus rides were painful (physically and mentally) and terrifying (we passed a sign ‘You are driving on the most treacherous road in the world’), the views will stay with me forever; these photos will never do justice to the beautiful, breathtaking scenery we witnessed.

 However, I underestimated the challenge of combining trekking at altitude with an intense learning programme. We reached 4,800m above sea level and the altitude headaches were so intense for the first few days, so finding the energy and focus to take all the learning in was difficult at times.

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But godammit, we did it and godammit, we’re proud. It was a once in a lifetime trip with a group of amazing people… not just fellow trekkers but all the Himalayan people who helped us on the way. We stayed at their homes, hugged their little ones and trusted them to get us through the mountains. I will remember them and their beautiful land forever.

FaithBy Faith hill

Faith is the founder of Spark Escapes and was part of the NLP @ Himalayas program as an NLP Master Practitioner. She is an example of true courage as she quit her ‘big career’ in 2012 to support people in their journey to realize their dreams and helped them achieve it. You can know more about the exciting path she is on by visiting www.sparkescapes.com