The Himalayan Experience

Welcome to the most powerful and unique NLP experience on this planet.

Imagine, Experiencing NLP in the mist of the most beautiful mountain range in the world, surrounded by inspiring people and talking your life to the new heights. This is the place where you will experience inspiration, courage, love, fun, laughter, peace and lot’s of learning. The program is designed to challenge you, to overcome all your fears & limitations for you to be completely unstoppable. It’s a place to fully discover yourself, to unleash your true potential and be on the top of the world .. literally. It’s a life-changing place where you learn to be more than you already are, expand yourself to make all your dreams/goals happen.

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With this program you not only get to learn all the powerful models of NLP but also get a real experience of everything you learn. When John Grinder and Richard Bandler started exploring the fundamental principles of NLP, the core of it lied in Modelling. They looked at the successful people around the world and noticed ‘How’ they did that they did. What’s their internal structure?

And that’s the exact experience you will have on this program.

When you join this program, you will get an opportunity to notice all the models you have learnt in real time by interviewing some of the most profound Buddhist monks and the happiest people in the world.

Mountains have a rich culture. You would be surprised when you meet the locals. Living in the mountains they face the challenges we can’t even imagine. They live a tough life that requires them to travel miles and miles on their feet just to get their basic necessities in place. The temperature gets to negatives. They, for the most part, do not have the access to electricity nor any luxury of TV, computers and yet they manage to live a very happy & fulfilled life. They have such greatness within them, something all of us could learn and model.

You will also get to learn and explore NLP with the profound monks residing in more than 1000 year old Tabo and Key Monastery. You will experience transformation by the wisdom & insights they provide. More importantly, the internal structure of thinking and behaviour they hold brings in a powerful paradigm shift at the core of who you are to become the person you want to be.


And exploring NLP with them by interviewing them redefines the way you will learn NLP. You will learn the model in real time by noticing patterns and implementing them at the program and understand the real life applications of the NLP. How to notice all the NLP structure within yourself and people around you to lead them influentially to create massive results.

What’s more?

This program is also designed to challenge your limiting thinking, habits and behaviours. You will definitely move you out of your comfort zone and take you life to the new heights. You will be trekking every other day which may be challenging at first, but that’s where, again, you go through the powerful processes of NLP to breakthrough your own limiting patterns.

At the end of the program, you would feel on the top of the world (You would have been there literally at the height of 5500 mts. That’s higher than whole of Europe). Because when you challenge yourself, you would bring out the best in you. That’s the essence of human potential. Most of our participants, after the completion of the program has moved on to achieve great things in life. Some have started their own business. Some have quit their job to travel the world and create the life they deserve. Most are living the life they want.


So, What would an ideal day look like at the program?

We will start the program from Delhi. That’s where we will create a powerful frame and outcome for the program. Then take adventurous bus journey into the mountains. Each day we will start fairly early will be combination of trekking & sessions. Some days we will trek higher into the mountains for about 4-5 hours and then have a session. Later we will have music, fun & games in the night or a bit of downtime so that you can have the time for reflection and integrate your day’s learning. We will be staying in the exotic places which is combination of Hotels, Monasteries and with the locals. This will give you an opportunity to mix and match and learn from different cultures.

Talking about cultures, since the participation in this program is global you will get opportunity to learn from delegates from various culture. We have had people attending this program from UK, Spain, Columbia, Australia, Croatia and of course India.


So, at the end of the day, we promise you that this will be an experience of a lifetime. You will remember this for the rest of your life and being back, after discovering your true potential and overcoming all the challenges, you will achieve all that you want in life.