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Learning NLP in the Himalayas

Recently, I’ve felt a bit tied to London… I returned from a hefty travel stint nearly a year ago and my feet have been itching to to hit the road again for a while. So when my NLP teacher suggested I go for my Master Practitioner certificate in the Indian Himalayas, I just about bit […]

Himalayan Odyssey

The highest mountain range in the world is much more than the physical mass that most of the world thinks of it as.  Stretching itself immensely around 2500 kms in length, along the boundaries and covering parts of 5 Asian countries, the rugged terrain of the Himalayan range is broken intermittently by valleys and plateaus that […]

The Humans of Himalayas

When I was in Himalayas I got an opportunity to connect with many inspiring people. I got an opportunity to learn from them. Model them for their Bravery, courage and happiness. Here are some of my experiences with these people. Jerome – A French Buddhist monk “It really takes bravery and courage to take first […]